Drawings by John Booth


John Booth writes:
'A photograph can quickly and efficiently record a scene. But it is drawing that allows the artist to look in a sustained way that gives him that feeling of being in a particular place at a particular time. So when people say that with technological advances it is no longer important for the artist to draw they rather miss the point. The artist, like the fisherman with his rod, is enjoying the experience of being where he is. The fisherman may well enjoy his day fishing even if he catches nothing. So it may be with the artist. He struggles to get down something of what he sees and experiences. He certainly takes that experience away with him. If he produces something that he is subsequently happy with it is the bonus that he seeks. So it is with me.'

Horsey Windpump  Norwich  Cromer

Sacre Coeur, Montmartre  House in Sultanahmet, Turkey  Michelangelo's Sacristy

Binham Priory  Florence  Aya Sofya, Istanbul

Chateau Beynac  Grand Canal, Venice  Venetian Rooftops

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